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"Michael is an awesome photographer in capturing one’s beauty. He had previously photographed me in a dress that I loved so I knew his work was impeccable. The boudoir shots were no exception to his great talent. I was quite nervous at first especially since his website pictures show ladies that could be the age of my granddaughter, if I had one, but that didn’t stop me from a photo session. Michael is a real professional and made me feel comfortable throughout the session. We laughed and had a good time. Ladies of my age worry about their wrinkles and flaws. Michael took my best qualities and focused on them. It was a great experience, especially for my ego and self esteem. I left the session feeling like a vibrant, sexy woman."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -  S Miller

What is Intimate Portraiture Photography

I have looked at many descriptions written about Photography relating Boudoir and Glamour. Too often I see how this genre of photography is thought of as be limited to young women in revealing lingerie or even nude. There is nothing wrong with that since this is the young woman's choice.

A lot of my work has focused on the genre of Boudoir. However, my photography is different. I see me work as Intimate Portraiture. My work is simply creating Beautiful Portraits with an intimate touch. This is for women of all ages and shapes. This is about bringing out the  natural beauty. 

Many of my clients are moms and retired professionals. I do feel grateful that I am able bring back their confidence of being beautiful. I tell my clients that you wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing. 

Beautiful has never been a word used to describe me. "Cute" or an occasional "pretty," but certainly not beautiful. Ordinary is the word I would use. Michael made me feel beautiful, and he made photographs of me that captured me as "beautiful." I cannot thank him enough. He was able to see something in me that I could not see in myself. Thank you, Michael Tillack... crafting the ordinary into extraordinary!!

                                                                                 Katherine J.


I remember working with a Mother of five who thought no way she could get in front of a camera. Then after seeing her friend pose she decided to do a session. She had one word to say afterwards about how she felt. The word was “Empowered.” It gave me a clear perspective of what we had achieved. She could get in front of the camera and feel beautiful.

If you’re interested in possibility doing a Beautiful Woman Photo Session let’s sit down and talk about what I can do to help you with your special day. What’s stopping you?

Questions or to book send me a message

Boudoir Photography

"Such a fabulous experience. Mr. Tillack made me feel welcomed and at home. There were so many laughs good guidance and overall a warm atmosphere. The images that I got back were to die for, I traveled 3 hours and would do it all over again."  - Tiffany


Boudoir Image of Ashley
Boudoir Photography
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